November 23,

Rehearsal Day 1

We couldn’t have asked for more at the initial rehearsals. Despite missing Benjamin and Andy, the remaining cast and crew eased through several hours of rehearsals. I was going to use the word, ‘gruelling’… but it really wasn’t hard at all. The time flew by.

Phil’s director skills came to the fore, always smiling, quick to share a joke and bringing his wealth of experience, the cast were safe in his capable hands. Even though it was only a rehearsal, it seemed like every run was good enough to be filmed.

Anthony’s leadership skills shone through, he didn’t waste any time getting everyone together and made us focus on what would be happening that day, he also assisted Phil with direction and was ever present behind Themba, watching the camera action.

Themba soldiered through the day after working till 5am the previous morning and only managing three hours sleep. Despite that, his skills with a camera are second to none and he captured some great footage using a rig and then free-hand for some cool close-ups.

Val was spot on as usual, arriving with script highlighted in various hues, she set about delivering her lines with a professionalism that is clearly second nature. At one point she felt so connected with the character she broke down and was comforted by Natasha.

After just finishing a theatre run, Natasha arrived looking fresh and was on point with her lines, bringing an unexpected accent that adds an even sexier lilt to the Desdemona character. She responded to direction really well and it was a pleasure to see her at work.

Despite only having a few lines, we’re grateful to Angela for sticking with us for the whole day. She delivered time and time again to perfection. Very down to earth, the day went a lot easier with her ready smile and infectious laugh.

A special thanks to Anna, Phil’s better half, for sticking with us the entire day and even getting involved. A pleasure to have her there.

Hugs and kisses from everybody for Michelle who took care of the food, cooking a wonderful curry that went down a treat.

More thanks to Simon and Jess for allowing us to use The Haven Community Centre, Quinton, Birmingham, much appreciated.

For my own part, I mostly stood around with hands in pockets, contributing where I can, but mostly watching and learning.

By Dustin Bowcott

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