November 23,

The All About Janet Crew

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We’re lucky to have a very talented crew on board, from the amazing John Symes taking care of sound and a multitude of other jobs, to Phil Howard, a veteran Director and film maker. Themba is doing a degree in film making, Courtney has an excellent eye for design and Nicola, make-up, is in high demand at the moment, we’re lucky to have her. Anthony is the glue that holds everyone together, leads when he needs to and acts as a stabilising rock whenever needed too. Dustin, writer, adds the backbone, the blueprint that the films are based on.

Themba Chitambo

Producer, DoP, Cameraman

Cortney-Jai Niner

Production Design, Cameraman, Lighting

Phil Howard M.A.


Anthony Niner

Producer, Assistant Director, Executive Producer

Dustin Bowcott

Writer, Producer, Executive Producer

John Symes

Associate Producer, Sound recorder, Sound engineer, Sound Mixer, Editor, Production Designer

Nicola-Jayne Wells

Make-up Artist

Val Monk


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